Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games (2011)

My most recent “Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games” list was published last year, so I felt it was time for an update. The list hasn’t changed much, but my opinions have changed a little and the list reflects those changes. Rock Band 2 amp; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 have fallen off my list. With another year down, the Nintendo Wii library continues to grow and improve. Many people will claim that the Wii library is nothing but shovelware and kids games, but that’s certainly untrue. The library offers plenty of games that any gamer should appreciate.
#10 Sin amp; Punishment 2

Sin amp; Punishment 2 may seem like a simple shooter on rails, but it’s one of the best shooters you can possibly get for the Nintendo Wii. The game is fun, challenging and actually better than the original in almost every possible way. If you enjoy shooters in the least bit, this game is a “must have” for the Wii.

#9 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

If you like your blood mixed with pixels, there’s no reason to pass on this game. It’s even better than the original in most ways. Not only is it one of the most enjoyable action games I have played on the Wii, but it’s one of the most enjoyable action games I have played on any console in recent years.

#8 Ivy The Kiwi?

Ivy The Kiwi? is a game I originally passed on, but fortunately I discovered it this year. This is perhaps the most under-rated game in the entire Nintendo Wii library. On the surface, the game is a simple and charming platformer, but it excels in almost every possible way. The game sports an extremely smooth difficulty curve which makes the game approachable and fun for gamers of all skill levels. This game is one of the most engaging platformers you will ever find on the Nintendo Wii.

#7 Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is one of the most engaging Mario experiences you can possibly have. While it’s not a perfect game, it’s a big improvement over the original game and certainly something no Mario fan should miss. Through great storytelling, interesting visuals, catchy music and improvements on the series, this is one Mario game no one should ever miss out on.

#6 Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country is an absolute blast to play. It’s harder than the original and better in nearly every way. This incredibely challenging game comes with amazingly good level design, interesting vehicle sequences and a soundtrack worth remembering. If you are a casual gamer, you might want to skip this game due to the difficulty, but it’s a rewarding challenge for real gamers.

#5 Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Smash Brothers Brawl proved that the Nintendo Wii isn’t all about casual gaming. This title is one of the few multiplayer competitive games that gets my seal of approval. SSBB might be the most fun you can have with the Nintendo Wii. The game has so many different and new things added to the series that it would be a crime if you never played it.

#4 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy was previously my #1 pick, but my opinion of the game has slightly fallen in the past few months. As I revisited various games, I decided that Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a more “timeless” game. Super Mario Galaxy was one of the first games to really show off the Wii’s strengths and it’s certainly a memorable game worth replaying.

#3 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a slight improvement over the original, so it definitely belongs as my #3 selection. While the game was a little shorter than I would have liked, it was still a blast to play and the best Mario experience I have had in many years.

#2 Okami

Okami hasn’t changed much since the PS2 version, but it’s still a truly awesome game. The game has unique and captivating characters, environments and experiences. No Wii title has ever blown me away like Okami. The game’s art style is simply breathtaking and perfect for the platform. You can pick up Okami for about $20 at any store, which is a real steal.

#1 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Despite being an older game that was also on the GameCube, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is definitely the greatest game on the Nintendo Wii. Twilight Princess is basically homage to Ocarina. Twilight Princess didn’t introduce us to too many new things. Instead, it perfected mistakes of past games. Playing this game, you will feel like it’s something new and something old at the same time. I would give this title a 97/100 for a review score.

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