Hay day – plot and gameplay of this game

These days you can see the craze for online gaming is increasing day by day, and many people are getting addicted to the online games. If you are also a player who loves exploring the new game and playing it to enjoy, then you must try this popular game that is called hay day. It is a simple farming game, and in it, you grow as well as customize your farm. In the game, you can trade the crops as well as fresh goods with the friends and neighbors who are present in your roadside shops. Also, you have to fulfill the orders with the help of the trucks as well as steamboat.

In the game, you can also build the town of your own and then welcome the visitors. This game is quite interesting. If you like the game description, then you can easily download it from the game store and install in your iPhones, ipads, android device and then learn how to get diamonds in hay day. The game is played with the help of internet connection. So if you have the internet connection, then you can play the game comfortably.

Plot of the game-

Hay day is game in which player’s uncle is not able to take good care of the farm anymore and thus; he hands it over its work of farm to a player. Now the player has to take all the responsibility of the far. In the starting, you see that scarecrow teaches the player how to harvest the wheat. In the game, player sells products as well as crops to earn coins, and these coins are used by the player to buy the production building, decoration items as well as pets. By earning more points, they get XP with that they level up in the game.

As the game continues, the player meets Angus a good friend of player’s uncle and this friend teaches the player about fishing. The player forms neighborhoods, and members assist each other whenever in need as well as they can chat with one another. At different stages of this game, various crop fields get unlocked. These crop fields include- wheat, fruit trees, bushes, and banana. The player can buy animals for farming, fishes, ducks, and lobsters. This way player expands its farm in the game.

This is hay day game plot. Now that you have understood the game very well you can play it easily if you have the game on your mobile. If you don’t have this game on your mobile, then install it from play store and enjoy it.

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