Clash of Clans: history and the journey of becoming one of the best game

Clash of clans is a strategy making mobile video game created and developed by a company named Supercell. Firstly the game was released only for IOS devices on 2nd August 2012 later it was released for Android platforms on 7th October 2013. What they have to do is they have to make their town and get it stronger with the resources they got after attacking other player’s town. Every player has their own troops, and the game’s fighting features allow the players to strengthen their troops using the resources they gain from attacking other player’s troops. Here players can join in to make a plan to go to war or create a clan together.

Players can create groups of fifty people, and they can go to wars together, they can communicate with each other, and they can donate their troops to other players of the group, or they can receive troops from other players also as per it needed to strengthen the village of a player. Back in 2012 when Clash of clans is released since then it has dominated the App Store of IOS platforms, and after one year when Supercell released it for Android devices since then it has rapidly climbed up the ladder and in today’s market Clash of Clans is claiming to be the topearning gaming app of all time. They can also take help of Clash of clan hacks to get ahead in the game.

WhyClash of Clans’ is one of the most favorite games among the gamers?

Today Clash of Clans has become one of the most incredible games on the board and as the sole purpose of this one thing can be easily said that players of this game will never get bored of playing this game because every month a new upgraded version is released with multiple new tasks and this worked in its favour.

Apart from this Clash of Clans has got several reasons to work on its side which made them one of the highest grossing mobile games in today’s market.

Some of the reasons we can talk about are as follows:

It improves the strategy making skill of the player unless you use clash of clans gems. As it is a known fact that the progress of this game lies on this secret of how a player can make a strategy before upgrading the village or before shielding his army or their village or how they come up with an advanced strategy that makes them ready for a war.

Clash of clans can improve the leadership quality of a player too. Every single player who is playing the game is the leader of his/her own village. The main job of his/her is to make their clans strong and ready to go to war, and this develops the quality of leadership.

Making a good and strong plan will give every player an advantage in this game, so players have to make a good plan to win a war and get more resources.

Players need to keep patience during making a plan or going to war. Patience gives a helping hand during execution of a plan, and if a plan makes your troops strong after being successfully executed, then the move of the player automatically gets stronger.

These are some of the main phenomena which made Clash of clans more incredible to play.

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