Top 3 Smartphones for 2009 Including the Palm Pre

Smartphones have become ever popular for business professionals, students, and casual users alike. I am an avid fan of the different smartphones on the market; I will compile my top 3 best smartphones based on quality, what they can accomplish, usability, and price. I will not be including the iPhone on this list only because it does not have a keyboard that makes typing fast. The iPhone is more of an entertainment/internet/email phone rather than a smartphone.
1. Blackberry Curve 8900

This is the Blackberry I currently own, and I can say without a doubt it is one of the best PDA/cell Phone combination I have ever used. This product has a 3.2 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, media player, video recorder, organizer, email, corporate email, and of course a phone. This blackberry is my favorite from the curve line because it provides full functionality on the go in a slim and fashionable package. The price of this smartphone depends on the carrier, but can range from $200-250 with a two year plan. I highly recommend this product; the only downside I have found was that my carrier T-Mobile does not offer 3G service for this device which makes internet surfing a bit slow.

2. Palm Pre

The Palm company has put almost all of its stock in the new Palm Pre release. The Palm Pre is supposed to be an elegant mix between the iPhone and Blackberry. This workhorse is not only designed for the office or the mobile professional but for anyone looking for entertainment options on the go. The Palm Pre does do multi tasking which many iPhone users wished they had. This smartphone has a 3 MP camera, 3G capability, 8GB internal memory, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and a proximity sensor. The only drawback which is a small one is the fact it is only being released on the sprint network. This product retails for $199, more can be found at or

3. G1

The G1 by Google has gotten much acclaim from users who like its functionality with its cool look. The widescreen on the G1 is breathtaking and seemingly easy to use the touch screen and physical QWERTY keyboard. The only downside to this phone is the bulkiness and the fact it is on T-Mobiles 2G network. T-Mobile is currently attempting to switch to a 3G network but that will take some time and a new phone! The G1 made Time Magazines best gadgets 2008 list. This phone is no iPhone however it does feature and apps store; this smartphone cost $179.99 with a two year plan from T-Mobile which requires a date plan.


Clash of Clans: history and the journey of becoming one of the best game

Clash of clans is a strategy making mobile video game created and developed by a company named Supercell. Firstly the game was released only for IOS devices on 2nd August 2012 later it was released for Android platforms on 7th October 2013. What they have to do is they have to make their town and get it stronger with the resources they got after attacking other player’s town. Every player has their own troops, and the game’s fighting features allow the players to strengthen their troops using the resources they gain from attacking other player’s troops. Here players can join in to make a plan to go to war or create a clan together.

Players can create groups of fifty people, and they can go to wars together, they can communicate with each other, and they can donate their troops to other players of the group, or they can receive troops from other players also as per it needed to strengthen the village of a player. Back in 2012 when Clash of clans is released since then it has dominated the App Store of IOS platforms, and after one year when Supercell released it for Android devices since then it has rapidly climbed up the ladder and in today’s market Clash of Clans is claiming to be the topearning gaming app of all time. They can also take help of Clash of clan hacks to get ahead in the game.

WhyClash of Clans’ is one of the most favorite games among the gamers?

Today Clash of Clans has become one of the most incredible games on the board and as the sole purpose of this one thing can be easily said that players of this game will never get bored of playing this game because every month a new upgraded version is released with multiple new tasks and this worked in its favour.

Apart from this Clash of Clans has got several reasons to work on its side which made them one of the highest grossing mobile games in today’s market.

Some of the reasons we can talk about are as follows:

It improves the strategy making skill of the player unless you use clash of clans gems. As it is a known fact that the progress of this game lies on this secret of how a player can make a strategy before upgrading the village or before shielding his army or their village or how they come up with an advanced strategy that makes them ready for a war.

Clash of clans can improve the leadership quality of a player too. Every single player who is playing the game is the leader of his/her own village. The main job of his/her is to make their clans strong and ready to go to war, and this develops the quality of leadership.

Making a good and strong plan will give every player an advantage in this game, so players have to make a good plan to win a war and get more resources.

Players need to keep patience during making a plan or going to war. Patience gives a helping hand during execution of a plan, and if a plan makes your troops strong after being successfully executed, then the move of the player automatically gets stronger.

These are some of the main phenomena which made Clash of clans more incredible to play.

Some ground rules for online Clash Royale gems hack?

Clash Royale is the latest release in the mobile video gaming market by Supercell. In 2016 Supercell launched this strategy making a warbased video game for both Android and IOS platforms. This game goes to the same genre like Supercell’s previous release Clash of Clans. Like Clash of Clans here also players have to build their village, army, and decks and they have to go to multiple battles in selected areas. They will be provided with a certain amount of resources like Golds, Gems, Elixir, Dark Elixir, etc. and they have to start building their village and clan spending those resources.

They will gain more resources after winning multiple battles and wars, or they can also increase the number of resources by unlocking gift cards, but the easiest way that every player follows is hacked and clash royale mod. There are multiple working Clash Royale hack and cheats APKs that will help the players to unlock clash royale free gems and for that players don’t have to invest any realworld money neither they have to wait for an endless time for grabbing the opportunity of the perfect moment where they can unlock a load of resources.

Now you need to know a little bit more about this clash royale free gems generator. Here are some ground rules, restrictions and dos and don’ts explained simply. Take a breath and get familiarized with these rules before entering clash royale free gems generator. Some of the most important ground rules are:

For activating a single player tag, every player can get to use them one single time which means if any player tag is activated then no single player can use these hacking tools more than one time.

Now you might think that this rule doesn’t make any sense. If a player can use a hacking free gems mod for once a player tag gets activated then it will take more time to collect the resources but it is not like that. The whole point of activating this rule is for your account’s safety and to protect your account from any external attacks. This rule will keep your resources safe.

Gems are not counted as a basic resource like gold. By using these free gems hack tools, you can only buy Gems, not Gold. If you want to buy Gold, then you can trade your Gems for that.

Another important rule that you have to remember is these cheats are not going to help you in case you are searching for cards and free chests. These cheats will only help you to unlock Gems.

There are encrypted player tags in the database which will help the cheat providers to track down that whether it is you or anybody else who used the cheats for getting free Gems more than once.

There will not be any personal data shared with Supercell or any parental organization. So players should not share any personal data if anyone is asking for it, but the information the cheat hacks will collect that is for their use.

The cheat and hacks that are used for providing you free gems don’t share the list of people who used the same link previously.

In these clash royale free gems, you don’t need to enter any secret code.

In this clash royale, free gems link you don’t need to download any modded APK files or any jailbreaks.

These are some of the ground rules you should remember about these clash royale free gems hack. Later you can go nuts on them.

Hay day – plot and gameplay of this game

These days you can see the craze for online gaming is increasing day by day, and many people are getting addicted to the online games. If you are also a player who loves exploring the new game and playing it to enjoy, then you must try this popular game that is called hay day. It is a simple farming game, and in it, you grow as well as customize your farm. In the game, you can trade the crops as well as fresh goods with the friends and neighbors who are present in your roadside shops. Also, you have to fulfill the orders with the help of the trucks as well as steamboat.

In the game, you can also build the town of your own and then welcome the visitors. This game is quite interesting. If you like the game description, then you can easily download it from the game store and install in your iPhones, ipads, android device and then learn how to get diamonds in hay day. The game is played with the help of internet connection. So if you have the internet connection, then you can play the game comfortably.

Plot of the game-

Hay day is game in which player’s uncle is not able to take good care of the farm anymore and thus; he hands it over its work of farm to a player. Now the player has to take all the responsibility of the far. In the starting, you see that scarecrow teaches the player how to harvest the wheat. In the game, player sells products as well as crops to earn coins, and these coins are used by the player to buy the production building, decoration items as well as pets. By earning more points, they get XP with that they level up in the game.

As the game continues, the player meets Angus a good friend of player’s uncle and this friend teaches the player about fishing. The player forms neighborhoods, and members assist each other whenever in need as well as they can chat with one another. At different stages of this game, various crop fields get unlocked. These crop fields include- wheat, fruit trees, bushes, and banana. The player can buy animals for farming, fishes, ducks, and lobsters. This way player expands its farm in the game.

This is hay day game plot. Now that you have understood the game very well you can play it easily if you have the game on your mobile. If you don’t have this game on your mobile, then install it from play store and enjoy it.

A Review of Cooking Mama for the Nintendo DS

Cooking Mama by Majesco Entertainment is a cute, stylus-based cooking game for the Nintendo DS. With the accomplished chef “Mama” looking on, players practice their cooking skills by transforming raw ingredients into culinary masterpieces.
Although everyone can agree that the graphics are adorable and the title’s novelty is tempting, is this game really worth buying? Is Cooking Mama an appetizing gaming accomplishment, or a culinary clunker?

GAMEPLAY: Mastering the Stylus

Cooking Mama is easy to understand, and even easier to pick up. Players select a dish they want to test their culinary mettle on from Cooking Mama’s menu. To make a recipe sucessfully, players must win a series of timed mini-games in which they prepare ingredients, mix them together, and cook them up using the stylus as a universal chef’s tool. Most mini-games are easy, but some, like peeling carrots, are much harder than they look.

The completed recipe is given a Bronze, Silver, or Gold rating depending on how well the player fared on the mini-games. Mama unlocks a new recipe to try after each one is complete, to a certain point.

THE GOOD: Graphics, Audio, and Pace

Cooking Mama brings a lot to the table. The graphics are colorful, cute, and bright. The top screen features a smiling, friendly Mama, who offers players advice and encouragement. At first, players will be tempted to fail mini-games just so they can witness Mama’s hilariously disappointed expression, her fists clenched and her eyes literally en flambe.

The sound design earns a big thumbs up as well. Be sure to turn the volume up on your DS when frying, sauteeing, chopping, or boiling up your latest creation. The sizzling, percolating, and cutting sounds are expertly done and really add to the gaming experience.

The game itself is also extremely easy to pick up and can be initially addicting. Each recipe only takes a few minutes, so it’s easy to play while on break at work or while waiting to be seated at a real-life restaurant. Cooking Mama also very successfully integrates the stylus as the main mode of control, and offers some replay value as it is easy to complete most recipes but difficult to get a gold rating on the first try.

THE BAD: Lack of Depth, Multi-Player Mode

Although the title has a lot going for it, there is still room for improvement. The main problem with Cooking Mama is that the game has very little depth. It doesn’t include much real information about cooking aside from listing some of the ingredients necessary for each dish, and gameplay is restricted to completing recipes.

Unfortunately, the game’s multi-player mode is very disappointing. Players can’t assist each other with recipes, and are only able to transfer the recipes that they have completed in the single-player game back and forth.

In the end, Cooking Mama is charming to begin with but won’t be engrossing for long. Players might find themselves shelving the game after only three to four hours.

THE VERDICT: Is it Worth Buying?

Cooking Mama is great for casual gamers, or those looking to add a simple game they can play while killing time to their collection. The stylus-based controls are well implemented and the graphics are attractive, but the overly simplistic gameplay hurts this title in the end. Since the game is relatively cheap at $19.99, however, it should deliver enough bang for your buck.

Nintendo DS Lite: LV 2

The Nintendo DS is the first portable game system with touch screen controls. But what makes the DS lite better than the original? Brightness and battery life. Now most people can not justify selling or trading their original DS for the new model. However here are my discoveries about the lite that might change your mind.
Brightness is key for all hand held game systems. The original DS is bright, until you see the DS lite. The brightness has 4 different settings. The lowest is about equal with the original DS. After that the brightness is off the chart. Level 2, 3 and 4 are incredible. I keep my brightness at level 3 because level 4 is very bright and sucks up more battery life. The increased brightness is a great feature, but it also enhances colors. Before I bought my lite I was playing Spectrobes. The game uses colors to identify fossils, minerals and cubes. well using the DS I had difficulty knowing which was which based on the colors. That week I purchased a lite from a good friend and was absolutely amazed. The colors were vivid and very clear. I know the lite claims 30% more brightness, but I think it also has much more color programed into the system. Basically that means for example the DS might read 136 different colors while the DS lite would read 215. I’m not stating thats what is going on, I’m just saying thats the difference in colors between the systems.

Battery life is a major component with hand held systems. The original Game Boy used 4 AA batteries and lasted a couple hours. The DS lite’s second claim to being better is 19 hours of game play at full brightness. That also means lower brightness levels will increase battery life. Well I can safely say I have gone 3 days with good hours of game play and not needed to charge the lite. The battery life is really amazing. Be aware that using the Wi-Fi connection and LAN game play can suck up a little more batter than usual. However, this is usually not a problem, in fact you hardly notice this unless you are constantly online. I purchased Star Fox Command and played online constantly and noticed I did have to charge my DS lite a little more often than usual. Another neat thing about charging the battery is that it only needs 4 hours to obtain a full charge. And once the DS lite is fully charged it automatically stops charging, so the battery isn’t being overcharged. I thought this was a very neat and wise feature since most gamers I know charge their DS while sleeping.

Overall I can say the DS lite is a very good purchase for the hand held gamer. The DS is selling 5 to 1 over the PSP the last time I looked at the stats. The new numbers suggest 3 to 1 in the future, but those are speculations. But aside from that the DS lite is well worth the purchase. Everything is brighter and clearer on the screen. I sold my DS to another friend last week. And after looking at him play, I couldn’t help but notice how big and dark it was compared to the lite. I highly suggest purchasing a DS lite for any gamer of any age.

Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games (2011)

My most recent “Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games” list was published last year, so I felt it was time for an update. The list hasn’t changed much, but my opinions have changed a little and the list reflects those changes. Rock Band 2 amp; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 have fallen off my list. With another year down, the Nintendo Wii library continues to grow and improve. Many people will claim that the Wii library is nothing but shovelware and kids games, but that’s certainly untrue. The library offers plenty of games that any gamer should appreciate.
#10 Sin amp; Punishment 2

Sin amp; Punishment 2 may seem like a simple shooter on rails, but it’s one of the best shooters you can possibly get for the Nintendo Wii. The game is fun, challenging and actually better than the original in almost every possible way. If you enjoy shooters in the least bit, this game is a “must have” for the Wii.

#9 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

If you like your blood mixed with pixels, there’s no reason to pass on this game. It’s even better than the original in most ways. Not only is it one of the most enjoyable action games I have played on the Wii, but it’s one of the most enjoyable action games I have played on any console in recent years.

#8 Ivy The Kiwi?

Ivy The Kiwi? is a game I originally passed on, but fortunately I discovered it this year. This is perhaps the most under-rated game in the entire Nintendo Wii library. On the surface, the game is a simple and charming platformer, but it excels in almost every possible way. The game sports an extremely smooth difficulty curve which makes the game approachable and fun for gamers of all skill levels. This game is one of the most engaging platformers you will ever find on the Nintendo Wii.

#7 Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is one of the most engaging Mario experiences you can possibly have. While it’s not a perfect game, it’s a big improvement over the original game and certainly something no Mario fan should miss. Through great storytelling, interesting visuals, catchy music and improvements on the series, this is one Mario game no one should ever miss out on.

#6 Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country is an absolute blast to play. It’s harder than the original and better in nearly every way. This incredibely challenging game comes with amazingly good level design, interesting vehicle sequences and a soundtrack worth remembering. If you are a casual gamer, you might want to skip this game due to the difficulty, but it’s a rewarding challenge for real gamers.

#5 Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Smash Brothers Brawl proved that the Nintendo Wii isn’t all about casual gaming. This title is one of the few multiplayer competitive games that gets my seal of approval. SSBB might be the most fun you can have with the Nintendo Wii. The game has so many different and new things added to the series that it would be a crime if you never played it.

#4 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy was previously my #1 pick, but my opinion of the game has slightly fallen in the past few months. As I revisited various games, I decided that Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a more “timeless” game. Super Mario Galaxy was one of the first games to really show off the Wii’s strengths and it’s certainly a memorable game worth replaying.

#3 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a slight improvement over the original, so it definitely belongs as my #3 selection. While the game was a little shorter than I would have liked, it was still a blast to play and the best Mario experience I have had in many years.

#2 Okami

Okami hasn’t changed much since the PS2 version, but it’s still a truly awesome game. The game has unique and captivating characters, environments and experiences. No Wii title has ever blown me away like Okami. The game’s art style is simply breathtaking and perfect for the platform. You can pick up Okami for about $20 at any store, which is a real steal.

#1 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Despite being an older game that was also on the GameCube, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is definitely the greatest game on the Nintendo Wii. Twilight Princess is basically homage to Ocarina. Twilight Princess didn’t introduce us to too many new things. Instead, it perfected mistakes of past games. Playing this game, you will feel like it’s something new and something old at the same time. I would give this title a 97/100 for a review score.

Becoming the best in Clash of Clans?

How To Effectively Use Clash Of Clans Hack?

Clash of clans is an extremely popular game that has caught the attention of gamers worldwide due to its amazing graphics and incredible gameplay. The game was created by SuperCell and was released in 2012, August. It is the game that you can easily enjoy for hours and that too without getting bored.  While playing Clash of Clans, you need to work on your Clan and unlock different types of warriors. For sure, you need resources or in-game currencies like gold, elixir, and gems in order to achieve the cause. There are certain ways to get these currencies and most of the times; players spend their money on the in-app purchase. Spending real money on virtual currencies of the game sounds bit foolish and if you have been searching for free gems and gold, you are surely present at the right place. Application of Clash Of Clans hack will allow the players to get unlimited resources and that too without creating any hole in their pocket.

How To Select Adequate Clash Of Clans Cheats?

With so many cheats and hacks being designed for Clash Of Clans game, you are bound to get confused and select a wrong one. In order to make the right call, you are required to follow calculative approach. First of all, you must only opt for online tools as they don’t require any downloading and installation. With nothing to install, the chances of hurting your device with viruses and malicious codes are next to zero. Reading out reviews and taking proper guidance from experienced candidates is the best way to approach hack tools of popular games.

Unique Features of Clash of Clans Hack

Fully Compatible – Being online Clash Of Clans cheats there are no compatible issues to hurt you out. No matter whether you are playing the game on Android or iOS device, the tool will operate smoothly and get all required gems, gold, and elixir in quick time. Yes, as a gamer you are still required to follow few simple instructions in order to ensure right functionality of the tool.

Unlimited Resources – The main purpose of using a hack is to get unlimited virtual currencies of the game. Our mentioned tool is surely best in the business and generates unlimited gold, gems, and elixir with ease. With unlimited virtual currencies available in your gaming account all the time, you can easily create a strong Clan and beat your rivals.

Undetectable – With the application of powerful proxies our coders have made the tool undetectable. In simple words, you can carry out all your hacking activities with no worries of getting banned. The tool also contains an anti-ban security layer in order to offer more protection to the users.

Free From Viruses – Most of the hack tools do contain viruses and malicious codes but the situation is little different here.

Overall, making use of a clans hacker is an ideal way to save money and win the game.

Shaun White Snowboarding Review for the Xbox 360

It has been a while since I’ve played an extreme sports game that I really liked. I was always a fan of the Tony Hawk and Amped series of games as well as SSX, but there have not been a lot of these type games released in the last couple years. Sure, there is Skate and Skate II, but I prefer more arcade and less simulation in my extreme sports games. So, when I saw that Ubisoft was making a snowboarding game I was pretty excited. Shaun White Snowboarding was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on November 14, 2008.
The game has four mountains available to snowboard on the disc and a fifth you can get via DLC. Each mountain has sections for back country snowboarding, park riding, and peak sections. At the start of the game all four mountains are available to ride. You start with some generic clothes and snowboard and as you complete competitions you make money to buy better clothing and snowboards. There are no stats to level up and the only thing that affects your riding is which board you use. Fortunately, it does not take very long to buy a couple of the best boards in the game in the game.

There are only four requited missions in the game that Shaun White gives you. Each one is to go around all four mountains and collect 12 coins. The first one you complete unlocks a special ability to charge through fences that you need to use to complete the next mission of coin collecting. These repeats until you have completed all four missions and get the ability to boost your speed, break through fences, and jump extra high. After that you unlock these abilities you then get to compete against Shaun in a competition. Beating him is hard, but manageable if you have a full focus meter when you start. Other than these four missions and the contest with Shaun White all of the competitions scattered around the mountains are completely optional.

I found the missions from Shaun a little annoying because I they do not explain why you would want to collect these coins, but the actual jumps and stuff to get them are pretty fun. If it were not for going to get the coins I may have never found some of these great jumps and tick lines.

Graphically the game looks good and the sound track is great. It is a nice mix of current and classic rock songs. The tricks you pull are all real snowboarding tricks. You can do them way beyond normal human ability but I like that they are all real tricks I recognize from watching real snowboarding events. They make it easy to pull both air and rail tricks. Also, they make it fun and strait forward to string tricks together.

My only real issue with the game is that after about two weeks of playing I got bored with it. Since all of the side contests are optional I did not really see a need to do them once I purchased the best boards in the game. So, after completing the missions for Shaun it becomes just going down the mountains over and over. Which is fun, but not so much fun that I’m still playing it. The other minor annoyance I had was that a lot of the achievements are only possible after you play a lot of hours online and finish all of Shaun’s missions.

If you are looking for an action sports game along the Tony Hawk style I’d recommend renting Shaun White Snowboarding. Unless you have a lot of friends playing it that you can join online and mess around with I do not think it is worth buying

Super Mario Run is finally here ! Hacks are also available

Super Mario is one of the most popular game over many years and many people use to play this game in the addictive manner. Though it is a simple game, it has the exciting elements that can make people addicted to it. There are many versions in this game and all of them have a place in people’s favorite games list. In the earlier days, it was in the two dimensional manner and the Mario character will be running in the screen and the player has to make him jump whenever there is an obstacle.

Later the game has been launched in the three dimensional manner and hence people were able to see Mario in three dimensional and it was very interesting. Recently, another version of the game has been launched and it is Super Mario Run. It is also a regular Mario game and the player has to help Mario to reach many levels but it has to be done in the short period of time. The player is able to get rewards if he completes the level faster. On the way, the player is able to see many coins and he has to collect it. The coins will be very helpful for him to customize the mushroom kingdom and also he can use those coins to unlock many other special features.

Moreover the game will be having many other characters but they will be locked and the player has to collect more coins in order to unlock those characters. However, when the player is coming across the way and completing the level, he may not able to collect all the coins and hence he will not be able to do anything further. In such situation, the player will feel frustrated because it will be exciting only when he is able to access all the features in the game. But the players do not have to concern about that because many tools are there such as super mario run hack .

Hence people can prefer those tools and unlock the features and characters present in the game. If you want to use those tools, then you can simply go online and find them. Many online sites are offering the hacking tools and with the help of them the player can unlock anything that he wants in the game. This is a major advantage that the players of Super Mario Run can have in the present days.